Our favorite love stories are those full of the little ordinary things. Hugs from behind as you leave for work, love notes left around the house, getting your loved one coffee even before they ask for it, giving kisses just because, and most of all, for cuddling at any time because you know it's moments like those that are what you remember the longest.

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our favorite love stories

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes..... house, baby, puppy, anniversaries and not necessarily in that order! We love capturing those other special moments in your lives, from anniversaries to maternity to your first home (or next home) together. Life is all of those things coming together for a beautiful and unique love story.


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Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and sexy for her partner and herself. Your beauty is unique and RARE and should be celebrated! Classy photos can bring out your inner babe, and a RARE by Rebecca boudoir photography session is dedicated to reveal a woman's true beauty at any size and in any age!


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