Fast Facts About us

->our first date was at a trampoline park

->WE DRINK A sh*t ton OF COFFEE!

->We live in a 104 year old craftsman farmhouse and are basically the next chip and joanna 


-> We have a German Shepherd Named Freya

->Rebecca is a proud hufflepuff

->we serve each other by our love language

-> If you get quotes like "that's what she said" "I can do this all DAY winston!" "COFFEE COFFEE COFEE COFEE" & "PIVOT!!!" We basically bff's already 



Jeff & I met on Facebook over 6 years ago. When we had our first date I was instantly in love with his quiet charming personality and sense of adventure (fun fact, we had that first date at an indoor trampoline park!) not to mention I thought he was just handsome as heck! For Jeff, it was my contagious smile & laughter that hooked him from the start and its something he looks forward to every day.

As a married couple ourselves, Jeff and I work together as a perfectly in sync team on your wedding day to ensure we capture as many memories as possible! We love capturing not only those traditional must have portraits, but also those “imperfect” yet perfect moments in between. The photos from your wedding day are what really draw you back to the emotions of your love story, and we find no greater joy then when we get to capture those moments.

I remember as a little girl looking at my parents and grandparents wedding photos and albums yearly so it seriously brings us so much joy to be able to create those same emotions for our own couples today!

We are both down to earth, kind, outgoing and romantics at heart and our idea of an adventure looks more like a resort with a soaker tub in a gorgeous location more then a tent in the middle of the PNW, and couples who book us for their wedding usually fall in those categories too! Marriage is a big deal to us, as while your wedding is one day, your marriage is forever!

So capturing our J&RCouples wedding days are the best thing EVER! To us there is nothing better than seeing two people committing to spending the rest their lives together on one of the best adventures in life. Read more about Our Why below! 

the couple behind the lens

a closer look at

Even though we are hitting our 5 year mark of being married this year, we still clearly remember walking in the same steps you are when it comes to planning a wedding.

As photographers who are married, we truly feel that we can also connect with you two on your engagement session and wedding day on a level that single shooters can't. Not only are we both main shooters, meaning we are both skilled enough to capture a complete wedding day on our own, but some other advantages of a husband and wife team is that we can be in two places at once, we know with a simple glance what the other is thinking, and that there is ever a dull moment when the two of us are together. 

We believe that it takes one perfect love story to capture another, so we have a blast capturing each and every couple that becomes apart of our J+R Couple Family! So on that note, let us give you all the details needed to have your perfect wedding day as you learn about the J+R Experience!

We believe to truly capture a couple in love, it takes a couple in love.

our philosophy